alba martín de villodres

alba martín de villodres

I am Alba Martín de Villodres Cantero and I like to draw things I don’t understand.

Thinking in images, searching for my own symbols to complete myself, as I already have fissures. My work permits me not to burst. Since I was little, I found a way to tamp my fissures by taking off from the reality that we’re given and going further to create my own one.

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megustadibujarcosasquenoentiendoThe tableaus that were hanging on the walls could be from Picasso, Juan Barjola or any little street market; for me they were representing my environment and my family; I was seeing my godparents in Picasso’s tableau “The two saltimbanques”. I appropriated the painting and built my own reality out of it. I was confusing life with art.

I also dedicated myself to searching for dwarfs in the metro tunnels; I bit other children and plugged coloured crayons in the tap in order to see the water appear in different colours.


Experiences that I lived or imagined feed the drawings I make; I experiment out of my adventure and work with it. A sentence or a poem, an image or a situation provoke that something happens in me, generating an inner state of coincidence, awareness or empathy. Without my experiences I could not work. They cause in me a shock that passes through my body and my mind. To understand it I must draw it, take possession of it and make it mine.

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The last shocks I remember… a poem of Alejandra Pizarnik; a photograph from a loved person; see a sparrow that just fell out of his nest. I search for inspiration between those memories and experiences; I investigate my emotions while seizing a pencil and start to scribble.

Ingredients, that are indispensable for my life and my work: poetry, surrealism and love.