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Hello and nice to meet you!

My name is Markus, I am 36 years old and live in the city of Barcelona, Spain. At the moment I work as a technology-journalist for a major online-portal. I am also enjoying writing poetry. Doing that in an inspirational way can be difficult sometimes. There are some Zutarten that usually serve me as stimulants for my work:

Connecting past, future and dreams: For writing I need to connect to my inner self, which I can easily find in the past. I recall the most passionate moments I have lived in the past, also the most peaceful and the most beautiful ones. Then I focus on my current reality and my dreams for the near future.

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Listening to music with message and meaning: My own ideas and feelings might be unique but often I can relate them to certain songs. I have a list of songs and bands that are related to my way of thinking and my dreams. When I put them consciously it helps me to discover what I want to express.

No rules: My poetry might follow patterns but there are no rules for me when it comes to writing. Everything is allowed and reading my output afterwards I can see easily if I like it or not.

No habit and pressure: I write only when I feel it and want to. I don’t write to comply with a certain image or expectations. I might write 20 poems in a day or no poem for half a year.

Nature: I enjoy very much going to forests, mountains or when in the city going to those special spots where I can connect with nature. Also, when you give me a panoramic view most surely I will get this special inspiration I need for writing.

Connect with my body: I have found out that the most creative ideas I get under the shower when I feel the hot water running down my body, I close my eyes and there is nothing else to do.

Break out! : When my mind should break out to create something it also has to break out in a broader sense. I have to put myself into some kind of opposition to my routines, recent activities and change the chip – at least in my imagination. This puts me into a state of alert and activity that is crucial if I want to create.

These might be very basic things, but you can do them consciously and cultivate them when you feel like it. Maybe you find something for yourself in there.

Take care and stay sane, brave and lovely!