dito tembe

dito tembe

I normally paint fat women and sometimes fly to the abstract painting using oil and acrylic on canvas and drawing on paper.

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The period of time that had strong impact on my work was when I got my first own residence in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. It meant a new place for my life, first of all, because I got freedom to do whatever I wished, a place where I could think better and, above all, concretize my social and professional plans. During this time, I discovered my own painting stile. It also meant that I got more responsibility of my own life in general, and I started to really understand the value and the right of enjoying life and felt myself like a mankind. It gave me self-confidence to start challenging not only local art projects but also international ones like starting to travel to other countries for art exhibitions and workshops or simply go on adventures, because I started to believe in me. dito-6570I like my work, because it frees me from bad thoughts. I mean, when I’m in trouble I just paint, even if I am not inspired, but the painting functions as a therapy or a relief from a bad life situation or bad life circumstances. Considering that in the last times the world is crossing very hard moments whereby the mentality of human beings is comparatively changing step by step, a painting is a mean of communication. I am sure it does contribute to teach other people something from the little I know and can touch other people through its beauty. Philosophically speaking, it tries to explain that this world is a better place for people to live in and, I would say, that in a normal life, some people have no time to observe the particularities of life. They are not even concerned with the consequences of life but through a painting in an exhibition, they can have time to appreciate and see a message behind. Moreover, I like my work because it simultaneously teaches me to understand the world. I mean that whenever I observe any type of situation and try to convey it on a canvas, at the same time, my memory dito-5264kleinrecorded it and my mind profoundly looks at what was happening in that moment.

To have a healthy concentration in my work, I first need to have a psychological peace. My ingredients for this peace are living in love with my social partner who shares my understanding of love, living happiness, having a considerable number of art perspectives or artistic plans, getting to know new landscapes, watch at things as if I discover them for the first time, seeing good friends of all ages, of all gender, of all nationalities, knowing people with good conceptions of life.
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dito-0742kleinThe ingredients we cook with in Mozambique, especially in my hometown Maputo, are madledlele, cacana, matapa, xiguinha, tohowe, timbatsana and mbowa. Holy earthed speaking, talking about my actual project, I’m dreaming of finding a group of visual artists – painters and sculptors, no matter from which countries, with whom I can work in a team and provoke different types of artistic projects and make the group become big artists. But if I speak in a more particular objective, I would say, I’m looking for participating in painting in international workshops or art exhibitions with professional artists. I’m a co-founder member of “Wiederbegegnung“, a project that deals with fine arts and cultural exchange between Mozambique and Germany. Along my carrier, I participated in many collective exhibitions in Mozambique, South Africa, Botswana, Angola, Germany, England, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal, Switzerland, Chile, Sweden, Brazil, France and China. Otherwise, I also like working with children and paint with them – since there is a fund provided for painting material – or however. In teaching children painting I also learn from them at the same time, because as they do things spontaneously and – what has been scientifically proved – children don’t lie as far as the truth and their feelings are concerned, so from that point of view painting with children for me really is a voyage. dito-5271kleinWhen I was child I liked playing all the time. I was always very excited, all the time laughing, running, speaking, climbing and jumping, that is why used to be injured or hurt and my mother always visited the hospital because of my playing without end. I also liked to invent toys or create something new. I liked drawing when I was a teenager, but I also played football like other children, or something we call hide and seek game. I also troubled my parents doing things they didn’t like; I fought with other boys from school. I loved going to cinema, but I also learned bad habits like smoking very early… The way I get inspired is, firstly, observing a situation with my eyes, interiorizing it to my brain, and then, exteriorize it to a canvas with oil colors or acrylic.

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Another approach is to take what is inside my body straightforward to the canvas. Long trips to new environments also do help me to get inspired. On another side, getting motivated for a good performance in painting, I sometimes just need to communicate online with my loving partner during the whole night, have a cup of red wine, go to the beach or simply drink a cup of water. dito-7289

Pedro Jeremias Tembe (Dito)