yakoley johnson

yakoley johnson

I am musician writer composer interpreter. Today, I take care of the nonprofit association Vagabond Vibes, which I set up as founder member in 2008. The idea behind the association is to provide organization and production linked to music. Vagabond Vibes essentially pleads to open the access for young people to education, culture and citizenship. I had the wish to put my knowledge about the universe of music into service in favor of a social context. Our work within the association consists today in organizing events and coordinating music workshops for kids. In particular, I organize a festival named Itinéraire Crimée, which I chose to speak about.

After the recording of my first Disc l´envol in 2008, we started to search for distributers and were confronted with the foreclosure of the artistic milieu. This led us to create the association Vagabond Vibes, which is aimed to accompany artists within their way of creation. Since the exit of my album in 2008 I work on a new project, for which I already wrote lyrics and composed music. The reason why it’ hasn’t come out yet, is because we wanted to release it with the best possible conditions. Experience has taught me to be patient, because everything has to have its time. My team and I hope to release this project at the end of the next year with our own Label. It is a bit too early to reveal a date. We are open to cultural partnership with cultural actors settled in Germany.

I am a man of divers positions. Artist writer composer interpreter who I am, I needed to find a balance between my passion for music and my dedication within education and citizenship for the benefit of younger people. I am a committed artist. My favorite ingredient for a productive flow is an energy that is difficult to explain. A human encounter, a constructive view on my environment.

When I was young I played soccer a lot and dreamed about being a professional soccer player and to play for Borrussia M. More seriously both, music and sports, especially soccer, occupied an important place in my childhood.

To get inspiration, there’s first of all the musical heritage my generation got through artists like Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Tracy Chapman, just to mention some. More generally spoken, inspiration comes to me from everywhere, especially from the encounters I make. I estimate that my cultural environment sufficiently stimulates creation.

Lately, an enriching moment I remember was on stage, where I presented a group of young people. They were about 12 years old and it was their very first time on stage. It was very inspiring; in the same time you dive into your past, reminding your own first time and otherwise, you get visionary projecting the future, because there’s the offspring next to you on stage. I have often thought about, which ingredients of life are important for me and I can turn and revolve it in every direction and analyze it from all the corners: I always come up with sentences ending with “…without losing nor betraying your soul!”

More precise I would say: “Never stop dreaming!” And I take the opportunity to quote my grandmother, who said: “A dance, that will last a whole night, should be started very slowly.” A good dose of blues music is also not bad. Relating to this, I want to invite you to discover the group Meninblues, that accompanied us all the long of the festival Itinéraire Crimée, which is going on at the moment:





yakoley johnson